Normalizing the Tough Days

The tough days.

As entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of them. Being our own boss we get a lot of freedoms but that comes with no shortage of tough days too. Where most people get to show up to work and clock in at 9am and leave work at the door by 5pm…entrepreneurs are not always afforded that luxury. 

Some days are going to be hard. Really fucking hard. You will wake up and everything will blow up in your face. We guarantee you will come close quitting those days. To giving it all up and wanting to walk away. You will think to yourself that having a 9 to 5 will be easier and you wanna know what? Sometimes it is. But right as you are about to throw your hands in the air – you talk yourself down from the precipice and just push on because everything you have built isn’t easy to walk away from. 

At one point, you started this business because you wanted to do something that mattered. You were willing to give everything up to create this empire. Don’t throw it all away for some temporary feelings. Tough days are normal. Having bad days are just as common as the good days. We aren’t quite sure why but business owners don’t talk about these parts of being your own boss enough.

On the outside – being your own boss looks great. The freedom of doing what you want doesn’t compare to having someone make your decisions for you. But on the flipside it comes with more pressure to keep everything on track too.

So when you are having one of those days where you feel you are doing nothing but going backwards – just keep moving forward. It is a bad day and it will pass. Remember why you started. 

Continue moving forward and Emerge, my friends!

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