Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas! Today we want to give a special shout out to all the moms that are entrepreneurs too…otherwise known as “mompreneurs”. These particular women have invisible capes. They do ALL the things. Moms that own businesses are a whole new level of beast mode because not only are they running their empire they are also juggling one or more kids and many times that can include extra curricular activities! 

Here at Emerge we are celebrating one of our own! Alexa Hallberg is one of our lovely co-owners and she is also a single mom! Alexa owns three companies outside of Emerge, sits on three boards and has a little girl that is also active in school, soccer, dance, girl scouts and cheerleading! She has her hands full! This Mothers Day we picked her brain about how she balances it all to be as successful as she is and this is what she said:

  • Use a calendar and live by it.
    Whether it is a paper planner or a digital one everything needs to go in your calendar as soon as you know about it. Meetings, soccer games, clients, everything. If it doesn’t get put in the calendar right away then there is a higher chance you will forget about it. I am the queen of forgetfulness. Seriously, I have the memory of a goldfish. The biggest lie I tell myself is “Oh I will remember that!”. No, Alexa, you won’t remember that.


  • Be mindful of your capacity.
    If you feel stressed out, overworked or even not able to meet deadlines you might have taken on too much. It is important to be realistic about the work you are taking on. If you hit the point of overwhelm then it is time to put a couple things on the backburner until the soccer season is over. When you are overworking yourself then you aren’t giving your best.


  • It is okay to ask for help with the kids.
    Ask a friend if they would be willing to take the kiddos for a night so you can knock out that email inbox or big project. Or see if a family member would be willing to sit with the kids for a couple hours so you can go to a meeting. We all know how hard it is to be any sort of productive with kids running around. The thing is…we can’t do it alone. And neither should we. Feel free to lean on others that are willing to support you. If you have a partner in life that can take part of the load off you that is ideal but as a single mom myself, I lean on these trusted people often.

We hope all you bad ass business moms enjoy your day!

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