is being an entrepreneur right for you?

Everyone talks about how great being your own business owner is. You may be asking yourself, “Is being my own boss right for me?”.

As much as I think everyone should be their own boss some people just aren’t cut out for it or don’t want to and that is 100% okay! If you are standing on the threshold and want to know if being your own boss is the right decision here are a few things to consider: 

Being an entrepreneur means:

⚡ Weekends are nonexistent
⚡ Your laundry is always all over
⚡ There is a never ending pile of books to read
⚡ You are on call 24/7

What is also means is that:

⚡ You get to work from anywhere (most of the time)
You get to wear ripped jeans and a blazer because no one tells you you can’t
⚡ You get to make your own schedule to be there for what really matters
⚡ Unlimited dance parties while listening to Ariana Grande
⚡ Not having to dread going to “work”

While there are many perks to being a business owner there are also a few other things to consider. When you work for yourself there is no health insurance or other benefits provided to you unless you sign up through the marketplace on your own but depending on the plan you get – it can get pretty pricey. If you can’t get insurance through a spouse and don’t want to pay the price through the Marketplace…chances are you won’t have it. That is a chance that some people take. If you are healthy enough and have no pressing medical concerns then having no insurance may not be a dealbreaker for you. 

Also, to be your own boss you need to have discipline and be a self-starter. One of the biggest perks to being your own boss, in my opinion, is being able to make your own schedule and work when you want. Don’t get me wrong – you still have to work…a lot….but you choose when you work. So if you take a couple hours off in the middle of the day you either have to make up for it after the kiddos go to bed or later in the week cutting into your personal time. Stuff still needs to get done. But at least you can do it on your own terms. If you don’t have the discipline to get stuff done, chances are you won’t succeed. 

This is not to scare you out of being an entrepreneur but to open your eyes to see if it really is the best fit for you. All of these things are absolutely able to be learned through good habits. Most of the time if you want something bad enough then you can make it happen. 

Go forth and emerge, my friends!

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