Effective Brainstorming

Are you stuck? Or have a ton of ideas in your head but can’t make sense of them?

Well, friend. We’ve got you. Brainstorming business ideas is one of our talents! When Alexa is doing one on one mentoring with new and emerging entrepreneurs this is one of her favorite exercises to do with them. From new products, to coming up with strategic partnerships, a good brainstorming session can help get you out of a rut. 

Here are a few tips that we utilize to help make big (and small) business moves that just make sense.

  • Get Comfy. Grab a coffee or tea, whichever is your thing. Sit in your favorite chair or go to your favorite coffee shop. Wherever you feel inspired and comfortable – go there.
  • Go in with an open mind. No idea is a dumb idea.
  • Brain dump. Put everything that comes to mind on paper. Have a bunch of ideas that have been swirling around that brain of yours? Write it down. Is there a goal you might want to reach one day? Write it down. Someone you have been wanting to meet for coffee? Write it down. An avenue you have been interested in exploring? Write it down. 
  • Organize it. After you have a bunch of word vomit down on paper now it is time to organize it as best you can. There will be some things on your list that will be easy to accomplish. What we do is put a deadline on those things, if it is something we truly want to happen. Next, move onto the things that are a little harder to obtain. Those things will require a plan. If any of those ideas are things you want to explore, then create a rough plan then and there. Lastly, the rest of your list can stay on the paper for later. You will never know when you’ll want to revisit old thoughts.

Some people brainstorm yearly but personally we tend to do it at the beginning every quarter. Do whatever feels right for you. Here at Emerge, we are constantly thinking about growth and trying new things so generating new ideas is something we like to do regularly. We keep all my notes from all prior brainstorming sessions and also use those at future ones. Thinking about how you can grow and move forward is a key part of business if you want to be successful. If you aren’t moving forward then you are moving backward and that is a sure way to fail. 

Go forth and emerge friends!

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