Asking for Help

Us business owners are resilient. That is why most of us are so good at what we do. Shit needs to get done and we get to work doing whatever is necessary to make sure we are always moving forward. We become the masters of making sure we have a plan B (and C, D, E…). 

With all the business badassery that we do – we can’t do it alone. All the time anyway. Sometimes, we just need help. Plain and simple. If you are a business control freak (like Alexa) then chances are handing stuff off is hard and/or stressful for you. We get it. Our businesses are our babies and it can be difficult to hand off any part of what makes our business…our business. Much like trusting someone other than ourselves to care for our kiddos. 


Now we aren’t saying that you have to hand off everything BUT if you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked or you feel like your calendar is out of control. Then you need to step back and ask yourself what can give. Because something has too. Asking for help is absolutely a skill and for those that hate the feeling of being a burden – these following tips are for you.

  1. Ask your best friend or fellow mom if they would be willing to take your kids (if you’re a parent) for a few hours in the evening every other week. Think of it like a rolling play date. This way you can have a free evening for meetings, projects or even just a quiet evening to help you get focused.
  2. Working on a project and have a few tedious little tasks like stuffing envelopes? Ask your mom, best friend, sister in law, etc to come over and help! You can use this time to catch up and spend quality time with someone you feel like you haven’t connected with in a while. Even though the job is tedious, doing it with someone else (and maybe even wine) can make it a little less sucky.
  3. Hire a Virtual Assistant to take on administrative tasks to free up your time to do more important things…like running the business. YOU will thank you. 

It’ll take a while to get into the flow of doing this. With a great support system, you’ll have loved ones willing to jump in and help wherever you need it…as long as you tell them you need help. What ways do you ask for help in business when you need it?

Go forth and Emerge, friends!

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