About us

What is the Emerge Entrepreneur Collective
Emerge is a subscription based business hub geared towards new and emerging entrepreneurs. The core of this business hub is a collection of videos on various business topics. Down the road we will be adding other resources such as a podcast, workbooks, mini courses, etc.

What is the story behind Emerge?
One of the co-owners, Alexa Hallberg, founded Emerge because there was a lack of accessible resources to help people with great ideas that wanted to start a business. She then partnered with the other co-owner, Arielle Roth to make this platform a reality. Where Alexa is in charge of the business side, Arielle handles the tech and marketing side. Together they handle the educational resources to provide the best learning platform for budding entrepreneurs at all stages.

Alexa Hallberg


Chief Executive Officer

Arielle Roth


Chief Creative Officer

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